Tiger eye is a lovely stone with golden striations interwoven with rich brown layers.

Tiger eye can veer towards the deep black-blue, with an iridescent glowing sheen in some cases. Due to it’s multi-dimensional appearance, tiger eye weaves the extremes of bright and dark in a way that is organized and that makes sense. Therefore, this stone will help you cope with change and extremes. Crystal Vaults says that Tiger Eye brings the protection of the heaven and earth, combined.

Tiger eye brings cohesion to situations that might be confusing. It is a power stone for those who need courage. Use this stone to help you have the strength to “step up to the plate” to meet your true potential. Let it help you dispel your self-doubt about making decisions.

One of the reasons that tiger eye is so good at dispelling doubt is because of the clarity and wisdom that it brings in.

It is said to sharpen the senses, too. It is said to bring in the ability to see the “whole” of a situation. In fact, tiger eye is called the “all seeing, all knowing eye.” It is associated with divine vision, and with the Egyptian gods: “Ra,” the god of the sun, and “Geb,” the god of the living fields.

These two gods comprise the span of heaven and earth, and this span is reflected in the depth of light and dark found in the stone itself. The stone as a veneer was actually used as the eye in marble statues of gods in many cultures.

Tiger eye brings insight so to see to the core and intent of a person.

Tiger eye clarifies an unfamiliar matter. Tiger eye spans the inception of an idea, to the bold follow through, and then to the meeting and holding of that goal. These steps portray the insight, bravery, and protection that is associated with tiger eye.

Try placing one stone or pyramid of tiger eye on either side of your head while you lay on the floor or bed for twenty minutes. This brings balance, sharpens spiritual vision, and pushes out malevolent energies.

Tiger eye is an ideal stone for those suffering with cravings, addictions, or bingeing.

To use the stone to help you with any of these problems, gaze at the tiger eye and rest with the idea that the stone contains an extreme of color tones, but with layers and striations that bring the divergence into perfect balance. Allow yourself to drink in this wholesome balance. EnergyMuse talks about how Tiger Eye helps to transform toxicity into courage.

If you want a stone that will help you optimize your ability to lasso your situation into one that financially supports you, use tiger eye as your talisman.

It is a practical stone, so it also brings the properties of sound decisions and wise power, so those people who have tiger eye energy can also hold the wealth that they gain. Acquiring, holding, and protecting one’s resources are all properties held within the tiger eye stone.

Tiger Eye Orgonite Gemstone Device

Tiger Eye is the perfect stone for people who are setting up a business because it is a harbinger of a steady stream of income.

Just place a tiger eye pyramid or stone in a prominent place that you regularly see to be reminded of its help and to let yourself be entrained to its steady energy flow state. The Pocket Book of Stones states that “ those going through difficult negotiations are encouraged to bring along a Tiger Eye.”

For extreme states of crisis in your life, tiger eye is the stone to carry with you. Keep it in your pocket or somewhere where you can easily reach it. Work it with your fingers like a worry stone. Tiny Rituals reminds us that the stone amulet was used on the breast plates of Roman soldiers in battle and is thought to be highly protective against “forces of evil,” ill-wishes and curses.

You can keep one in your car cup holder to reach for and to ground out the “stress” energy. Welcome in the “containment” and the fortune that tiger eye emanates. In this vein, tiger eye is also good for dispelling nightmares.

Historically, tiger eye was used to help with gallbladder and heart cramps, and problems of the eyes, throat, spine, and for broken bones.

This bulletin is for informational and historical context only and is not intended to act as a medical guide, diagnosis or suggestion for treatment of any medical or other condition. Seek medical help for medical conditions.  © Sylvia Skefich 2020