Cataplex ACP by Standard Process is a good one to know about if you are young or old.

Have you ever seen elderly people with purple blotches on their forearms? This is one example of capillary fragility. Capillaries are so small that only one blood cell can pass through them at a time. When the walls of the vessels weaken, then the fluids and blood cells can actually leak out into the tissues causing dark purple blotches. If this is happening in the forearms, it is also happening in other parts of the body (even if you can’t see it). With 4-6 small aspirin-sized tablets per day of Cataplex ACP, you will likely see a marked improvement.

Cataplex ACP promotes strength in the linings of the vessels. Do you bruise easily on your outer thighs, for example, when you don’t recall having any injuries? Cataplex ACP could likely help. Do you notice that your toothbrush gets pink when you brush your teeth (evidence of bleeding)? Cataplex ACP could likely help with this too.

Even if you do not see these obvious signs of capillary fragility, you can bet that Cataplex ACP will support your blood vessels as well all the organs because they all rely on capillaries for circulation (especially the eyes and the sex organs).

Cataplex ACP supports healthy immune functions (with the vitamin A and whole food vitamin C ingredients), and promotes the strength of connective tissues and adrenal glands which also rely on vitamin C to build their strength.

Cataplex ACP is from Standard Process, the company that made the first multi-vitamin ever (way back in the 1920’s).

It is the company that focuses on whole food concentrates for its ingredients. Because the Standard Process formulas are not synthetic, not fractionated, and are made from concentrates of foods, the supplements contain all the enzymes and co-factors that make a vitamin naturally “go.”

Did you know that a “vitamin” is not a singular molecule, but is instead a constellation of factors? Most people don’t know that “ascorbic acid” is only one part of the vitamin C—the part that acts as the natural preserving agent; It is not the whole vitamin. If you are looking for a vitamin product with a lot of milligrams of ascorbic acid in it, you will not be getting the co-factors, nor the active agents, nor the enzymes…just the preserving agent. Plus almost every ascorbic acid supplement is synthetic.

Ascorbic acid alone can be useful

It is an acidifier which helps people with colds, and can balance out people who have alkaline diets (vegetarians and vegans), and it can keep pathogens at bay…but if you are looking for true tissue support, you are not getting it with ascorbic acid.

What you get with Cataplex ACP is vitamin A that is made from beef kidney (supporting cholesterol metabolism and immune functions), and whole food sourced vitamin C. There is only a little bit of ascorbic acid in this formula due to all the rest of the vitamin C that is in there for you (including vitamin P–the “bioflavonoids”). Bioflavonoids are part of the vitamin C complex too, and they support the strength of the connective tissue. In nature, one finds bioflavonoids in the “pith”—the white part of the citrus rind. You can think of the pith as the “fascia” of the citrus, helping our fascia. (“Fascia” is the connective tissue that holds all the muscles and organs, binding them in place.)

Cataplex ACP is not 100% gluten free (although it is only a minimal ingredient in the form of wheat germ). Cataplex ACP is also not a vegetarian formula.

This bulletin is not intended as a medical recommendation, nor is it meant to replace medical advisement for medical conditions of the vascular or any other system.    

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