Isn’t it amazing how nature works: many of the natural foods and plants in the environment help with inflammation. Allergies are caused by a specific type of inflammation that we call a “histamine response.” Histamines are released by an antibody called a “mast cell.” Mast cells activate in response to food or environmental triggers. Sometimes mast cells work so hard that they OVER-react, causing a histamine response that is uncomfortable or even dangerous to experience. We can call that type of response “unregulated” (or not “modulated”).

A body with an unregulated histamine allergy response cannot find a happy place where the response is behaving well, that is, fighting foreign invaders but not causing grief to the person who is having the reaction. Natural substances can help “modulate” the excessive allergy response.

Antronex from Standard Process is amazing for providing relief for environmental allergy symptoms. Think: cat allergies, dust allergies, and tree allergies…relief can often come in minutes of taking Antronex. Antronex is made mostly from an animal liver extract–an enzyme called Yakitron that works as a natural liver decongestant. Start with two pills at once, three times per day, and go less than that if it is working, such as one pill four times per day (alone or with food).

Dr. Skefich keeps Antronex in her home for guests who are allergic to cats (she has three cats). She has experienced on more than one occasion where a guest has said “I’d love to stay longer for your gathering, but I just am having too much of an allergic reaction to your cats.” Then Dr. Skefich offers them two Antronex pills, and within 15 minutes the guest feels so much better that they forget about leaving the gathering. Dr. Skefich has had a couple of friends who ask for the Antronex upon arrival to her house, being that that friend knows the cat allergy response will come unless the Antronex is taken.

Allergy is a complex thing. It usually consists of two parts: a sluggish detoxification process by the liver or a toxic condition of the gut, and a strained nervous system. To get an allergy relief that is better than a bandaid (and Antronex is a wonderful bandaid for symptoms), a person needs to dig a little deeper and consider some changes. For her active patients, Dr. Skefich can help tether out how much of the issue is the need for liver detoxification, gut detoxification, or for nervous system restoration.

There are a number of inflammation “pathways” that can “light up” in a person’s body from various causes. Imagine standing in a field looking at a thicket from afar, and you can see 10 pathways or trails leading into the brush. If one path lights up on fire, we would want to put out the fire on that one pathway, and not on every other trail that we see. This is why many natural allergy remedies have multiple ingredients—because we do not know what pathway(s) are lit up in an individual. (There are numerous “inflammatory pathways.) This is also why some allergy medications may work for you, and others do not.

There are some formulations that work best on the inflammation pathways associated with allergy. Antronex by Standard Process, TriEase by doTerra, and Histo-X by Apex Energetics are among them. One product may work much better for one person than another one does, depending on the person’s chemistry. If one product has not worked for you, try another, and be sure you are doing a therapeutic dose of it before deciding that anyone does not work for you. Even medications need a therapeutic dose and an earnest trial to work.

Disclaimer: Seek medical care for any serious allergy response such as difficulty breathing or rashes, or for any prolonged allergic condition that does not respond to natural methods. © Sylvia Skefich 2019