DiGest Forte is an all herbal blend pill by MediHerb (the herbal line associated with Standard Process).

A great thing about the MediHerb line is the potency of the herbs they use. For example, when MediHerb compared the active component of their own echinacea to that of an over-the-counter brand, the MediHerb echinacea was 17 X stronger than the other brand in the active compounds.

DiGest Forte….It does so much! Take 1 pill per meal for general support.

1.) DiGest Forte stimulates your own digestive juices in order to amplify your own digestive power, bringing more bile for fat assimilation, more acid for protein breakdown, and more,

2.) DiGest Forte sets up a pH and chemical balance that is pacifying to your numerous gut receptor sites, calming the nerves of the gut and allowing better rest-and-digest expression, and

3.) DiGest Forte helps to drive out the “bad” bacteria in the gut by creating a harmonic environment that the “good” bacteria like and in which the bad bacteria cannot thrive.

There are about 100 million neurons in the gut, says Michael Gershon, chairman of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital at Columbia University Medical Center. This is why the gut is sometimes called “the second brain.” The gut has more neurons than the spinal cord does, and also more than does the whole peripheral nervous system. This is one of the reasons that the gut has a very strong response to our choices and why it often has control over us too. The gut can actually control our behavior independent of what our brain says. Have you ever heard the term “it was a gut reaction”? The gut nerves are capable of bypassing the brain entirely.

In the case of cravings, one reason that the cravings can be so insurmountable is that it is not just the nerves or nervous receptors alone that are responsible…it is what “drives” the receptors. It is the bacteria that we grow that drives our receptors. WE are driven to eat the foods that grew the colony of bacteria that we have in us. Some of us may have a sugar-loving colony. Others may have a healthy fiber-loving colony. We can skew our cravings to a healthier expression with what we consume. DiGest Forte is one of those formulations that can improve the expression of the nervous system in the gut helping the axis of calm communication to the brain, and can help skew us back to a healthier flora colony in the microbiome of the gut.

Did you know that the gut produces at least 20% of our serotonin, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter? Some sources say the gut produces 80% of this neurotransmitter, and that is true if you include the liver as part of the digestive system. Clinical depression can have a significant part of the causation to be the health of the gut chemistry.

Did you know that the gut has more bacteria in it than we have of our own body cells? There are hundreds of strains of bacteria that can live in the gut. Some strains help us, and some strains hurt us. There is a piece of “lore” that says that a person is less likely to get into a fistfight in an environment of beauty and splendor. It stands to reason that vile, deranged, or severely unbalanced people are not hanging out in areas of vast and natural beauty, ready to start a fight. Vile people generally hang out in vile areas, (not always but generally). This is how it is with the bacteria in the gut. We can “clean up” the neighborhood of the gut, and make a healthful environment to encourage friendly and inter-supportive relationships between our gut tissue, our nerves, and the bacteria we give a home to.

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