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Why Use a Whole Food B-Vitamin?

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Cataplex B from Standard Process is a whole food concentrate B vitamin. Beware of other vitamin companies that claim a “whole food based” vitamin. You really have to look at the labels or inquire with the company: Is the company using synthetic vitamins that are chemically bonded in a lab to a “whole food base?”

Evening Primrose Ageless Eye Crème for the Whole Face

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The ingredients in the Evening Primrose Ageless Eye Crème are designed for anti-inflammatory, emollient, soothing and brightening effects. Dr. Skefich was “sold” on this crème after using it two times per day as described for weeks, then noticing that on the infrequent days that she did not use the crème in her bedtime preparations, she

Intramax for the “Tired and Wired”

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Intramax is a quality liquid multi-vitamin and mineral support. At The Better Back and Body Shop, Dr. Skefich, chiropractor, has found that Intramax is the best product to turn around the “tired and wired” feeling that can plague some people for weeks, months, or even years. “Tired and wired” refers to the feeling that you

Probiotics: Strengtia™ and Primal Defense®

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“Probiotic” bacteria help to restore the chemistry in the gut which supports gut function. Probiotics are “good” bacteria that should naturally populate the gut of persons who have a good diet. The good bacteria love to eat and reside in the fiber of vegetables in our guts. Today, we know that such healthy flora come

Antronex For Allergy

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Isn’t it amazing how nature works: many of the natural foods and plants in the environment help with inflammation. Allergies are caused by a specific type of inflammation that we call a “histamine response.” Histamines are released by an antibody called a “mast cell.” Mast cells activate in response to food or environmental triggers. Sometimes


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Tuna Omega-3 Oil As An Anti-inflammatory For The Joints Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory condition of a joint. It occurs where there has been pressure on a joint over time, often as a result of healing from an old injury. Osteoarthritis also commonly occurs in the joints that do a lot of “work,” like the fingers

Reduce Sugar Cravings

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Primal Defense (GF) and Lactic Acid Yeast or Flora Myces (GF) Many people struggle with sugar cravings that pull them off of their dietary goals. These cravings can be so powerful as to feel unsurmountable. This is not surprising, because sugar is about as processed from its original food state as is cocaine. The effect