Enjoy this virtual tour of our new therapy room, “Dahlia.”

This is the primary space for Christine Cyr, cranio-sacral therapist.

We are now taking bookings in this room. If you specifically want to have your session in this wonderful room, please do specify that desire to insure it. (Our use of rooms between the four therapists can be somewhat fluid.)

Christine is now working Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:00-5:00. Call 831-475-1995 during the workweek to book your session!

“Our” new space is “your” new space.

Come benefit from a cranio-sacral therapy session with Christine and her wise and healing hands soon!


Please be aware – this room has been newly carpeted and painted with “low VOC” materials. For those who suffer from “chemical sensitivity,” this room may not be the best room for you. Other rooms are available for your cranio-sacral therapy session with Christine.