The ingredients in the Evening Primrose Ageless Eye Crème are designed for anti-inflammatory, emollient, soothing and brightening effects.

Dr. Skefich was “sold” on this crème after using it two times per day as described for weeks, then noticing that on the infrequent days that she did not use the crème in her bedtime preparations, she awoke looking “haggard.” Eye bags, and a notable lack of skin vitality were apparent on those days.

Some of the ingredients in the Ageless Eye Crème are “precious,” including Helichrysum, an anti-inflammatory essential oil which is heralded for its effects on keeping skin youthful.

Quality Helichrysum is often sold as high as $100 per half an ounce.

Many of the ingredients in Ageless Eye Crème are organic, and include soothing comfrey and calendula, St. John’s Wort, eybright, rosehips oil (as a free radical fighter), licorice root, and more.

Vitamin A, vitamin E, are included for more free-radical damage fighting power. Borage oil and evening primrose oils are also included in the ingredients–two sources of gamma-linoleic acid. Gamma linoleic acid is anti-inflammatory and useful for hormonal balance.


The Better Back and Body Shop recommends this method of use for Copper Moon’s Eye Crème:

Take a cotton facial disc, dampen it with water, and use it to take a small amount of the Evening Primrose Ageless Eye Crème from the jar. Then use that to wipe your entire face, removing your makeup and thus “washing” your face with the disc at day’s end. You can then turn the cotton disc over, (without refreshing it with more crème), to further wipe away the grime or oils that have accumulated from the night or day, until your cotton disc remains clean.

No need to wash afterwards, nor to add more crème.

Then follow with two pumps of Copper Moon Apothecary Cucumber & Borage Oil Eye Serum and wipe that over your entire face. The cucumber will tighten your face nicely as it dries. (See the “Cucumber Builds Collagen” handout for more on the benefits of that product.)

At the start of the day, you can use the same process to awaken your face.



Using Evening Primrose Ageless Eye Crème in the morning

If you wear foundation, you can apply a small amount of foundation to your fingertips with a small amount of the Ageless Eye Crème along with it. Then blend that into your face for an even, light, satin finish to your look.

There are other creams to use on your face (including ones from Copper Moon Apothecary). But when this one works so well for brightness and tone, and when spare use of one bottle allows it to last well over a month, why not use what works best?

See the “Cucumber Builds Collagen” handout for more on the Cucumber and Borage Oil Eye Serum from Copper Moon Apothecary.     © Sylvia Skefich 2019