Yerba Prima Montmorillonite Bentonite Clay is a special type of pre-hydrated clay that comes from ancient volcanic ash.

Microscopically, it has a unique rectangular “house of cards” type of look. Yerba Prima also specially processes the clay to optimize its surface area.

The surface area is key to the “ad-sorptive” power of Montmorillonite Bentonite clay. The surface area of this clay is truly awesome. One tablespoonful of Montmorillonite bentonite clay has a surface area of 8100 square feet. How is this possible? It’s nature’s magnetic sponge mop.

Yerba Prima Montmorillonite Bentonite Clay is charged with ions.

It is magnetic. It does not absorb into the bloodstream when you take it orally. Instead, as it passes through, it drags impurities to it, with a magnetic charge. As Yerba Prima, the maker of this clay product says the clay has a “colloidal structure and charged particles of sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium ions, which allow it to bind with unwanted substances in the stomach, small intestine, and colon.”  Basically, the impurities get stuck to the clay and are safely taken out through bowel movements.

People use this clay to remove impurities for these purposes and more:

  • Immediately post-imaging, such as when a “contrast” injection is used for an MRI or CT scan. Although most people tolerate contrast material well, the substances in contrast (including barium, gallium, microbubbles, and adjuvants) can tax or even harm the kidneys,
  • Roundup can get into the human body through daily living, and are according to the National Institutes of Health.
  • After a vaccine. Vaccines are considered generally safe, although it is known that they contain ingredients that can cause some people harm. Vaccines often contain micronized aluminum that is intended to get through the blood-brain barrier into the brain. They also contain other adjuvants that might cause a reaction, such as formaldehyde. There is a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to help those who have been damaged by a vaccine, since pharmaceutical companies are immune from liability lawsuits, according to the law.
  • After a flu shot. Flu shots contain preservatives and other adjuvants, and multi-dose flu vaccine vials may contain thimerosal, a compound that contains mercury. Mercury is one of the most neurotoxic elements known to exist.
  • To reduce toxicity as a seasonal cleanse from accumulated environmental and ingested toxins. It is well established that air pollution and heavy metal exposure are associated with signs such as poor cognitive function. Pesticides such as Roundup, commonly used in corn and other grain fields especially, is a controversial chemical compound that may have cumulative effects on the nervous system over time. Some people’s genetics are particularly sensitive to the glyphosates in Roundup.
  • Topically to dry out poison oak, or to draw out impurities or poisons. Clay can be used for swimmer’s itch and other itchy conditions like diaper rash that do not have open wounds or cuts.
  • To keep on hand in the event of accidental poisoning or unwanted dietary exposure–for people or pets (of course, contact your poison control emergency number in the event of a poisoning).

Dr. Skefich says: I have personally used this product to help a cat named Wally from a rat poisoning event.

(The cat ate a rat or mouse that was poisoned.) The cat was so far gone that the vet implored my friend to let the cat be put down, but my friend just could not do it. The cat was emaciated and just lying there by the time I arrived. I came over and started putting small amounts of Yerba Prima Bentonite Clay in the cat’s mouth (with a little medicine injector), followed by little squirts of water (because water is important to follow the clay).

Soon, the cat got up and started peeing Gatoraid-green, four or five times, and quickly began showing that he was getting better…more alert and interactive. Wally regained full strength within a couple of months from just several doses of orally administered clay, and became almost normal again, climbing six-foot fences and all!

  • To remove heavy metals that may have been released into the tissues gradually from orthopedic implants or from shrapnel

Great Plains Bentonite Detox — Bentonite Clay

How To:

Bentonite clay is usually well-tolerated and is even recommended to help settle an uneasy stomach. That being said, it can also throw off the flora balance in the gut in susceptible individuals, temporarily causing a temporary difference in bowel movements. It is still safe.

Be sure to take the product at least one hour away from medications, because it may absorb them and make them less effective. It is best to take the product away from your meals, as well.

For one-time use:

For one-time use, such as after an injection, or after suspected ingestion of something bad, take one tablespoon, mixed in a full 8oz glass of water. (Option #2: Other people prefer to take the pre-hydrated clay first, swallow it, then follow with the 8 oz. glass of water.)

Remember, if you know you have truly ingested poison, then call your poison control center immediately.


For ongoing use such as for management of metal implants that you suspect are causing you a toxicity problem, follow this dosing program:


Take one tablespoon mixed in a full 8 oz glass of water on the first day.


On days two and three, take a teaspoon in a full glass of water each day.

DAY FOUR THROUGH NINE/the next 5 days

For five more days, take 1/8 teaspoon in a full glass of water each day.


Take one tablespoon in a full 8 oz glass of water.

Then rest for three weeks.

Repeat as often as you wish, doing 10 days on, and three weeks off. If you vary this dosing because you forget, or if you take more or less for any reason including the reason of following your own intuition, it’s okay. This dosing style has the purpose of creating a large shake-up and movement of the metals or impurities, and a continued mobilization thereafter, then a final mop.

Slow down the dosage if you have adverse digestive or elimination symptoms, such as constipation. Wait longer than 3 weeks before your next series, and/or, so a shorter series.

Topical Use:

Yerba Prima bentonite clay is thin. You can just pour a dollop into your palm and rub it on your skin to dry. It does not have to pile up thickly to work. You can also apply the clay to a band-aid, and then place the band-aid on a sting or bite.

Some people apply the clay to their face and scalp before bed once or more per month, to draw out the impurities of hair dye, which is associated with a higher rate of breast cancer in women.

Clay is an ancient and safe remedy and home tool that has a multitude of uses. It should be a mainstay in your refrigerator!


This bulletin is not a diagnosis or treatment for any medical condition but is for informational purposes so that people may know how to use bentonite clay for tissue or digestion support, or as an adjunct to a medical program of care. Copyright 2021, Sylvia Skefich, D.C.

Great Plains Bentonite Detox — Bentonite Clay