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Decrease electro-smog and the effects of EMFs + elevate the surrounding positive energy.

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We feature orgone pyramid devices that you can buy online for beauty and usefulness.

Orgonite pyramids are available for sale. They make thoughtful gifts and impart gem energy properties (such as enhancement of the romantic heart, or association with healing the family), they are striking to look at, and they can be experienced as electromagnetically “protective” by those who are electromagnetically sensitive.

Orgonite is a man-made object with a resin matrix that has crystals and metal bits inside it. Orgonite devices are often pyramidal in shape, but not always.

Sounds simple, but the effects can be profound. These objects are special because as the resin dries and shrinks, it puts pressure on the objects inside: When metal spirals, flakes, or shards are in close proximity to one another in a resin matrix they actually emit photons.


Orgonite is said to “negate” harmful energy and radiation.

These photons are like little erasers that you can place between you and electromagnetic devices to buffer the harmful energy.

When dried in resin, crystals “create” good energy or “elevate” the ambient energy of the space. Again, these orgonite pyramid devices for sale decrease the harmful energy that is there (like electro-smog and electromagnetic radiation), whereas crystals “elevate” or improve the positive energy that is there.

Humans + Crystals

a tale as old as time

Crystals have been used by humans for eons. Archeological digs have uncovered gem amulets as old as 25,000 years old. There is evidence that most cultures, from the ancient Romans to the Hindus, have used crystals in ways that shows that spiritual significance and/or power was attributed to them.

Today we know that quartz crystal in particular (plus a handful of other crystals like tourmaline) actually create a “piezo electric” current when placed under pressure such as being dried in resin.

The piezo electric current is so reliable in quartz, that quartz is used to keep time in watches. The piezo electric current continues to be created as long as the crystal is under pressure.

Orgonite is said to ‘negate’ harmful energy and radiation.

Buy Orgonite Pyramid Devices For Sale Online


The concept of “entrainment” comes into play when thinking of crystal energy. Entrainment is a concept which was coined by Christian Huygens, a contemporary of Isaac Newton in the 1700’s. Christian was a Dutch physicist, and was also was the inventor of the grandfather clock.

He noticed that when he stored a number of grandfather clocks in one room–all swinging randomly — that when he returned a day later he found all the clocks all swinging together- synchronized. Christian discovered that the clocks would “follow” the swing of the largest clock in the room.

He coined the term “entrainment”: the phenomena of living or non-living individuals calibrating to the strongest individual in the environment.

Crystals resonate with their own frequencies — and they “color” their environment with their personality.

They are thought to “elevate” the environment with the addition of their frequency, and they also help us entrain us TO them.

Therefore, we may become more like the positive attributes associated with each crystal. We can decide to be around certain stones, gems or crystals that have the very properties we seek to be more like.

Not only are crystals and gems generally purifying to the environment, but they also are said the help various body parts, and various chakras too. Each gem has its own properties such as heart opening, courage, physical health, bone healing, increasing wealth and money, or the connection to the higher self and more.

Disclaimer: this statement is not intended to replace medical advice or suggest using medical treatment with crystals. Seek a doctor’s advice for medical conditions. Gems can be used as additional support to your doctor’s orders.

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ORGONITE GEM DEVICES are thought to be electromagnetically protective, and are relied upon those who have “electromagnetic sensitivities.”

Place an orgonite device on a router, or between you and a smart meter and let the orgonite diffuse some of that negative energy. It is a fact that certain crystals placed under pressure by shrinking them in a resin will create a piezo electric current.

That current can act like a shield. You can even set your orgonite device on your phone to diffuse some energy while you are at your desk, for example. For those who are not electromagnetically sensitive, one can still admire the beauty of the orgonite devices, some of which have sacred geometry embedded in them, and are in themselves “art pieces.”

They are also said to impart the energy of the gems inside of them (such as rose quartz being the stone of unconditional love, or selenite being good for resolving insecurity). They make great gifts of beauty.

SHUNGITE is a specific stone that comes only from the Karelia region of Russia that we feature at The Better Back and Body Shop. When soaked in water, it imparts highly antioxidant molecules called “Fullerenes” (otherwise known as Carbon 60 or C60).

You can purchase the stones at The Better Back and Body Shop which you can soak in water at home. Benefits of this antioxidant keep providing!

There are brands that sell Fullerene-infused juices and oils that are very pricey compared to our shungite stones which last virtually forever.

Our stones come in an attractive spherical bottle that has an informative jeweled instruction tag. They make great gifts and conversation pieces. Imagine giving this gift at a restaurant dinner party and the ohh’s and ahh’s that would follow.

The Better Back and Body Shop does not make any diagnoses or claims, and is not intended as a problem-focused consultation environment except for the topics that are covered by our numerous “Healthy Protocols.”

We do have certain staff members that are licensed in Certified Nutrition. Those staff members may be hired for a consult (separate from the office of Dr. Sylvia Skefich or from The Better Back and Body Shop).

Or, you can schedule an in-office appointment with Dr. Skefich. As a doctor of chiropractic, she is a ‘primary treating physician’ in the state of California. She also is a graduate of the 30-hour “Foundations in Nutritional Therapy” course through the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health.

Healthy Protocols are guides on how to use the nutritional supplements, cranio-sacral therapy, and gem devices that Dr. Sylvia Skefich recommends for your healing journey.

Here’s the backstory …

Dr. Sylvia Skefich, D.C., has gathered a wealth of tried and true “Healthy Protocols” for many conditions. “Healthy Protocols” are Dr. Skefich’s recommendations on how to use supplements, oils, and cranio-sacral therapy to achieve certain goals.

Such goals may be about something less than a medical condition or disease. Many people desire their physical body to be at full vitality. People might be experiencing symptoms that they don’t need to be living with.

Natural methods often work very well when health has not gone too far “off track.” Healthy Protocols can often be used alongside other therapies that a medical doctor might prescribe. (Ask your doctors about that possibility.)

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