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AC Glutathione


AC Glutathione
by Apex Energetics
90 capsules


AC Glutathione is made of absorbable S-acetyl L-glutathione. “Glutathione” is an amino acid that is made naturally in the liver, and is a powerful anti-oxidant, liver support, detoxification support, and immune system helper.

Take one capsule, 2X per day for a general maintenance support.

An interesting note that is not widely known is that is you have a poor reaction to taking glutathione (getting achey, sore, or sick feeling), that can be a rare reaction when someone has a systemic yeast condition. Yeast cells benefit from the glutathione too, so the supplement can exacerbate the condition. In this case, glutathione is not the right supplement for you and the yeast needs to be addressed. (This comment does not suggest a diagnosis, because many factors would need to be considered for a diagnosis in this case.)

As an anti-oxidant, this is a go-to product…effective and easy to take.

You can read more about anti-oxidants here on this website under Protocols: “Anti-Oxidant Tissue Support.”