AC Glutathione


AC Glutathione

The intercellular antioxidants of S-acetyl L-glutathione supplement help support healthy liver function.

by Apex Energetics
90 capsules


AC Glutathione: S-Acetyl L-Glutathione Supplement

AC Glutathione is made of absorbable S-acetyl L-glutathione. “Glutathione” is an amino acid that is made naturally in the liver, and is a powerful antioxidant, liver support, detoxification support, and immune system helper.

Take one capsule, 2X per day for general maintenance support.

An interesting note that is not widely known about S-acetyl L-glutathione supplement is you have a poor reaction to taking glutathione (getting achy, sore, or sick feeling), that can be a rare reaction when someone has a systemic yeast condition. Yeast cells benefit from the glutathione too, so the S-acetyl L-glutathione supplement can exacerbate the condition. In this case, glutathione is not the right supplement for you and the yeast needs to be addressed. (This comment does not suggest a diagnosis, because many factors would need to be considered for diagnosis in this case.)

As an antioxidant, the S-acetyl L-glutathione supplement is a go-to product…effective and easy to take.

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Benefits of AC Glutathione

Glutathione plays a vital function in supporting the liver to breakdown and remove harmful substances from the bloodstream.

S-acetyl L-glutathione supplement is a potent antioxidant that promotes a strong immune system and also defends cells from harm caused by free radicals.

The combination of the S-acetyl function group and the L-glutathione molecule allows the supplement to remain intact when ingested by a person to pass through the main blood-brain barrier.

You can read more about antioxidants here on this website under Protocols: “Anti-Oxidant Tissue Support.”

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