black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Orgonite Gem Device


Size varies from 6.5-7.5 cm square at the bottom (these are handmade objects)Black tourmaline is a mineral that has piezo electric properties. Thus when black tourmaline is dried (or shrunk) in resin, it forever puts out a mild electric current. People use the devices as a “nature shield” in order to diffuse negative ambient energy, and to amplify positive nature vibrations.

Please see the “Healthy Protocol” on this website that describes orgonite gem devices in general.

Black tourmaline in particular is historically used for protection, and to dispel negativity (one’s own, as well as negativity from the outside). It has the ability to transform negativity to useful, balanced energy. Black tourmaline is thought of as a “grounding” gem, a good counterpart to the “amplifying” energy of the clear quartz. Therefore it has historically been thought to be a good stone for bones and physical structures of all kinds.

(When placing your order, feel free to ask for the largest, prettiest, or most clear device that we have on in stock.)