Cholacol • by Standard Process


90 tabs


Cholacol helps you to digest your fats. It is a bile salt formulation that emulsifies dietary fat so that you can better assimilate it. This means two things: 1. you digest “easier,” with less upper abdominal gas, and better quality of stool, and 2. you actually get to make the most of your healthful dietary fats like vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as your omega fatty acids.

People spend a lot of effort to get their anti-oxidant fat soluble vitamins into their diet with healthful food choices and supplements. Why bother purchasing omega fish and/or flax oils and vitamins A,D,E or K if you are having gallbladder symptoms, or have had your gallbladder removed. The gallbladder is responsible for squeezing out concentrated bile when you eat fatty foods,…but what if your system is not working or is sluggish?

Take two gluten free* Cholacol tablets with every meal that includes a significant amount of fat and optimize your fat use for hormone synthesis, inflammation dampening, anti-oxidant nutrient assimilation and more.

We recommend this formula especially when there is constipation present. See our shop item, “Lipase Concentrate” for another option fro help you with your fat digestion. For more on this topic, or more on how to use these products, see the article here.

*Although this product well meets the strict requirements on being able to be called “gluten free”—there may be minuscule trace amounts of gluten in it.