Lipase Concentrate • by Integrative Therapeutics


90 vegetarian capsules


Lipase Concentrate provides what you need if you are having trouble digesting fats due to lack of bile or lipase enzyme.

Lipase Concentrate will be useful if you have no gallbladder (regardless of symptoms or lack thereof), and for those with a sluggish gallbladder. (Sluggish gallbladder symptoms include burping or upper abdominal gas discomforts soon after eating, among other signs. — See this article to learn more)

Integrative Therapeutics has put together a beautiful formulation of different lipase types, and enzyme concentrates, with a focus on the emulsification of fats. It is a gluten free product.

Improve your assimilation of healthful anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids (i.e., your omegas), and fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E and K) from your food.

Take one pill with each small meal, and two pills with each meal that contains a significant amount of fat. A “significant” amount would be, for example, any meal with a portion of meat (even lean meat is 20% fat). Also, nuts, avocado, dairy, and coconut among other foods contain healthful fats that you can better digest for an improved expression of hormone synthesis, skin smoothness, thyroid functioning and more.