Calcifood Wafers


Calcifood Wafers

Standard Process calcifood wafer supplements contain all-natural ingredients including veal bone and raw marrow for bone and teeth health support.

by Standard Process
100 wafers


Calcifood Wafers

Calcifood is a raw bone meal and raw marrow in a chewable wafer. The fact that it is raw (never heated above 200 degrees in processing) makes it very absorbable. Therefore, Calcifood is good support for healthy bones, osteoporosis and osteopenia conditions, teeth mineralization, and bone fracture healing.

Calcifood is a natural chewable supplement that supports calcium absorption and provides an assortment of multivitamins, amino acids, and minerals. This uncooked whole bone with all the marrow still in it helps the body build strong and keeps bones healthy.

Taking Calcifood wafers along with regular physical exercise may also reduce the chances of osteoporosis in later life. It can be mixed with supplement shake or added to other foods.

Calcifood wafer is an ideal provider of phosphorus and calcium in the correct proportion that is necessary for building bones and teeth.


Two wafers per meal, or as directed.

Safety Information

This product should be chewed and then swallowed.

You may read more about this product and its use in this website under Protocols: “Osteoporosis and Bone Breaks.”

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