Cataplex A


Cataplex A

Standard Process Cataplex A is a complex vitamin A supplement, extracted from numerous whole foods and multiple ingredients, giving a wide range of nutritional factors.

180 tablets


Cataplex A

Cataplex A is a whole food concentrate version of Vitamin A by the company who created the first multi-vitamin ever, back in the 1920s. Standard Process has an organic farm in Wisconsin where they source their vegetable ingredients.

Standard Process Cataplex A is a beta carotene or a “pro” Vitamin A source. This type of Vitamin A is turned into a more active form within the body. There is little chance of toxicity with the beta carotene source of Vitamin A.

This product has a little bit of calcium, Vitamin E, and magnesium, too.

Two aspirin-sized tablets equal 1500 IU of pro-Vitamin A. Remember, whole food nutrition supplements are not going to have the high unit measures of synthetic products. But you will get the whole constellation of natural vitamins, complete with co-factors and enzymes that make a food-vitamin do what it does.

Benefits of Standard Process Cataplex A

  1. It supplies vitamin A as it occurs naturally in plants.
  2. It keeps eyes and mucous membranes healthy.
  3. It provides essential ingredients with antioxidant activity.
  4. It promotes healthy epithelial cell development.

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