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Cataplex ACP


Cataplex ACP
by Standard Process
360 count tablets


Cataplex ACP is a whole-food derived vitamin complex with a focus on vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin P (otherwise known as “bioflavonoids,” or “rutin”). Bioflavonoids are part of the vitamin C complex, and are particularly good for the microcirculation/capillaries.

Many people report less bruising when using this product. Even elderly people who experience blotchy purple forearms may notice improvement. Microcirculation is important for the gums and for the retina of the eyes, as well.

This formula supports “connective tissue,” fascia and skin strength. You can think of the white part of the citrus as the glue that holds the peel to the fruit, and that is what vitamin P does. It helps strengthen the stuff that holds us together.

You can read more about this formula under the Protocols pages of this website under Anti-Bruising Vitamins.