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Clear Quartz Orgonite Gem Device

Size varies from 6.5-7.5 cm square at the bottom (these are handmade objects)


Clear quartz is a mineral that has piezoelectric properties. Thus when clear quartz is dried (or shrunk) in resin, it forever puts out this mild electric current. The current is so regular in its frequency, that quartz has historically been used to keep time in watches and timepieces. People use the devices as a “nature shield” in order to diffuse negative ambient energy, and to amplify positive nature vibrations.

Please see the “Healthy Protocol” on this website that describes orgonite gem devices in general.

Clear quartz, in particular, is historically thought of as a gem that “amplifies” the energy of one’s intention. Due to it’s special piezoelectric (and pyroelectric) properties, clear quartz can store, transmit and transmute energy. It is thought to amplify the energetic qualities of other stones around it. Due to it’s multifaceted crystalline structure, it reminds us of the multi-dimensionality of our own being.

(When placing your order, feel free to ask for the largest, prettiest, or the clearest quartz we have on in stock.)