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Eliminate Sugar Cravings


Primal Defense
by Garden of Life
(90 count caplets)


Lactic Acid Yeast
by Standard Process
(100 count chewable wafers)


Primal Defense and Lactic Acid Yeast, when used together as directed, will eliminate sugar cravings in most people most of the time. Why so? It is the flora in your gut that are doing the cravings. Billions of individuals that you have been feeding want their diet to continue, so they make you crave what grew them. But “flip” the sugar-loving colony to a colony of beneficial flora, and you stop the cravings.

Other probiotics do not work for this goal…we have been using this team of special probiotic bacteria strain products for 15 years with great results. You do not need to take them forever, either. Most people notice the change within a few days.

See the “Sugar Cravings” Healthy Protocol for the details on how to take this powerful team of probiotics for sugar cravings, and what makes them stand apart from other probiotics in regard to the goal of reducing or eliminating sugar cravings.