Faraday Bag


Cell Phone Signal Blocking Bag 


Place your cell phone in this bag when you are sleeping, (or when it is not actively in use) to diminish your exposure to cell phone electromagnetic radiation, significantly so.

You can even place your phone in the bag while your phone is plugged in.

The seal is zip lock which does allow a minor leak of radiation in and out (sometimes enough to allow your phone to ring when in it zipped up), but still cuts down on unnecessary electromagnetic exposure.

The cells of the body are affected by electromagnetic exposure, because such exposure destabilizes the outer electrons of the atoms in the cells. Some people can handle this easily, just like some people can handle more toxins or more sun than another person can.

Other people have trouble clearing out this “free radical activity,” and they might get brain fog, cognitive difficulty, itching, dysregulation of the digestion, heart palpitations, increase of their previous autoimmune problems, or an increase in muscle aches.

Free radical scavengers, know as anti-oxidants can help modulate the process a lot. People use vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E or wheat germ oil, and glutathione for healthful antioxidant effects, that includes help with electromagnetic sensitivity symptoms.

The seller has measured her iPhone 6s when using the Faraday bag and without the bag. She has moved the phone to different settings to account for other ambient frequencies to get an average.

When she takes her phone out of the bag, the phone says “No Service” indicating a barrier to signal was obtained.

Outside of the bag and booted up fully (and with “WiFi” turned off), the iPhone measures in the .20 to 1.0 V/m range of intensity (in the 200-8000 MHz frequency range) at 3” to 3’, using the Acousticom 2 Electrosmog Detector. The intensity swings briskly, as the phone is doing its normal thing.

Inside the bag, the cell phone in the same setting configuration as it was in the bag measures in the .02 at 3” and 3’ distance. That’s “point-oh-two” as opposed to the “point-two” above—a tenfold difference at a minimum.