Labradorite Orgonite Gemstone Device


Size varies from 6.5-7.5 cm square at the bottom.

These are handmade objects. Feel free to inquire on other gem pyramid types not yet online at thebetterenergyshop@gmail .com


Labradorite Orgonite Gemstone Device

Labradorite is a “powerful protector” stone which is historically used to maintain proper boundaries. Use labradorite to create a zone of protection and safety within your home, or for your meditations.

You can also use labradorite to strengthen faith in yourself, and to banish fear and insecurity. Use it to bring in new ideas and to stimulate your creativity….It is a great tool to enhance your own “downloads” from the mystical realm in meditation.

(When placing your order, feel free to ask for the largest, prettiest, or the clearest Labradorite gemstone device that we have in stock.)

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