Large Orgone Energy Pyramid


Orgonite Pyramid with Blue Kyanite, Amethyst, Merlin’s Chalcopyrite, and Brazilian Quartz

Approx. 12 cm across at the base

These are handmade objects. Feel free to inquire on other gem pyramid types not yet online at [email protected]


Orgone Energy Pyramid Crystal

A beautiful and marvelous orgone energy pyramid that offers the historically known benefits of the crystals within.

This particular large orgone energy gem pyramid contains Brazilian quartz in the point. The quartz amplifies the properties of the other stones beneath it. Quartz is the “great amplifier,” and will enhance whatever properties are around it. So if you put this pyramid in a place of reverence with the intention of goodwill and other good things, the quartz will help to amplify that intent.

Under the quartz is amethyst, a semi-precious gemstone. Amethyst is the stone which helps to thread the heart’s content and heart’s desires upwards into the higher chakras where manifestation, purification, and communion with the universe occurs. Think of this: the heart’s content going up like a whale spouts inside your body, up and up, and out the top of your head. The spout continues up, meeting and blending with the universe. The Brazilian quartz above the amethyst in the orgone energy pyramid helps that union (or “call”) with the universe.

Under the purple amethyst is blue kyanite. Blue kyanite is one of the rare stones that does not “take on” energy. It never needs to be discharged, and it stays pure in energy. In fact, it is in a constant state of “flow.” Its structure, with fine unidirectional lines and channels—are all in alignment with itself. Blue kyanite in an orgone energy pyramid is said to help to make all possibilities possible, both within and outside of oneself.

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The stones in the corners of the orgone energy pyramid are Merlin’s chalcopyrite. This is considered to be a “magical” stone that bridges realms and makes known what otherwise would not be known. It is a stone of good luck and potential.

Together these stones have been carefully placed by the artist Michelle Hood at The resin of the pyramid shrinks as it dries, and this compresses on the stones within. (By the way, Michelle works with the “spirit” of the stones, and any stone that she senses does not wish to be in service in this way is not put into the resin.) The compressed stones are said to be amplified in the resin. The quartz uniquely puts out a piezo electric current when compressed in this way, and will continue to do so forever. The orgone energy pyramid shape is also said to amplify the power of the stone qualities, by the use of “sacred geometry.”

Although these orgonite energy pyramids are not a medical device, nor are they intended to treat any medical condition, the historically understood properties of the elements of this device can be a powerful support for wellness and spiritual connection.

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