Liposomal C

by Quicksilver Scientific
4 oz.


Quicksilver Scientific makes a superior vitamin C that uses a liposomal delivery process. This means that the vitamin C is surrounded on the most microscopic level with phospholipids which have an attraction to the cell walls because they are much like cell wall material.

Dr. Shade of Quicksilver has developed a liposomal delivery system with even smaller liposomes than what most other brands have achieved. This helps the nutrient absorb through the membranes better, and to be carried to where they need to go more easily. Quicksilver Scientific uses vitamin C sourced from Scotland, not from China where the vast majority of vitamin C on the market comes from.

Just take a teaspoon of the liquid vitamin C for a full 1000 mg dose. Hold under your tongue for 90 seconds, then swallow. Refrigerate after opening.