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“Liqua-A” Vitamin A Drops


Please consider Apex Energetic’s AD-Pro ($23.16/120 softgels) or Standard Process’ Cataplex A ($27/180 tabs) as other options.

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by Apex energetics

.5 fluid oz.
300 dose bottle


Liqua-A is a water soluble form of vitamin A making it non-toxic in higher doses. Vitamin A is a strong anti-oxidant that supports the immune system, tissue and eye health.

Anti-oxidants are known for “scavenging” free-radicals. Free radicals are spare electrons that get destabilized off of living cells due to toxicity, age and other reasons. These free radicals “run around” looking for another molecule to live in, but they end up destabilizing the molecules and cells around them. “Anti-oxidants” such as vitamin A grab the free radicals and take them into their own molecular structure with stability, saving the cells around them.

Use this product as a daily anti-oxidant support, or a support for colds and flu prevention.

You can read more about free radicals in this website under Protocols: “Anti-Oxidant Cell Preservation.”