“Liqua-D” Vitamin D Drops


by Apex Energetics

Liqua-D by Apex Energetics offers high-potency vitamin D drops (cholecalciferol) that support the immune system and the skeletal system.

.5 fluid oz.
550 dose bottle

3 per customer due to manufacturer production limitations.


D Vit Drops

Each drop of “Liqua-D” contains 2000 IU of vitamin D with powerful anti-oxidant properties. It is a highly studied vitamin and its use is associated with decreased incidences of all types of cancer (excepting colon cancer).

Vitamin D drops are free-radical fighters, mopping up spare electrons that cause damage to cells, safely absorbing them and carrying them away.

Although there is no known evidence to support the benefits of divided doses (taking the supplement two or three times per day), that is the recommendation of Dr. Skefich, a chiropractor who thinks it works even better that way.

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Recommended Daily Dose of Liqua-D™ Vitamin D Drops

Many alternatively minded medical doctors consider a daily dose of 10,000 IU to be a good amount to take. No less than 2000 IU per day is recommended. It is possible to overdo vitamin D Drops with prolonged very high doses, so one drop of this product, two to three times per day is good support.

You can read more about free-radical support on this website under Protocols: “Anti-Oxidant Cell Preservation.”

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