Mushroom Power Supreme


by Herbal Products and Development
120 vegicaps

With a combination of Cordyceps Sinensis, Reishi, Agaricus Blazei, Maitake, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, and Immune Assist, Mushroom Supreme is extremely potent and represents the cutting edge of mushroom extraction technology.
This blend uses mushrooms that are harvested in all phases of their growth phase. Not only that, but multiple varieties within each species are used in this formula, to get the best of nature’s variety. These mushrooms are grown organically on an organic sorghum culture.
When consumed internally, the mushrooms present in Mushroom Power Supreme have been found to increase the killer T-cell count, increase white blood cell count, purify the blood, and boost overall immune system vitality.
Medicinal mushrooms in this formula are antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial. Additionally, they help with everything from stress relief, allergic responses, proper modulation of blood pressure, hypertension, blood sugar, diabetes, and the body’s oxygen utilization. They offer circulatory support which helps with memory, and they have antioxidant and detoxifying properties. Liver and kidney studies show their ability to correct toxic overload in the body and support the endocrine system.