Bergamot/B-Stress Comfort Formula–Natural Patches of Vermont


Each tin contains 10 patches that are approximately 7cm by 5.5 cm each


Bergamot Vermont Patches

The Bergamot/B-sleep formula of Natural Patches of Vermont is a combination of bergamot, rosemary, ginger, and lavender essential oils. It has been specially formulated to restore balance, promote a sense of relaxed composure and tranquility, and support the body’s natural emotional and physical shield against stress.

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Bergamot, lavender, rosemary, ginger, olive oil, and other essential oils.

Experience Ancient Botanical Healing

These easy-to-apply aromatherapy bergamot Vermont patches bring you the benefits of ancient botanical healing traditions. They are easy to use and leave no grease or oil residue. 

These essential oil Vermont patches with the B-stress comfort formula create a special aromatherapy experience that offers natural relief from stress. Restore balance every day, open your mind to fragrance, and take hold of your health with Vermont essential oil patch therapy.

Bergamot helps you repair and restore balance, uplift your mood, boost your concentration, build your confidence, find the motivation, and give you a nice refreshing experience.

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