Noble Shungite Pendants


Pendants have an adjustable string cord

These Shungite pendants are each unique in size and shape. As always, when placing an online order, we choose the best pendant that we have in stock to satisfy the order (since you aren’t here in our shop to choose).



Shungite Pendant

Shungite pendant is made up of a unique stone called Shungite that is found only in the Karelia region of Russia. Why is it unique?….because it has a molecular form of carbon called a “fullerene.” Fullerenes are spherical molecules that have a geodesic shape (like a soccer ball or geodesic dome). Fullerenes have unique properties….

The “noble” form of shungite is a fullerene-dense version of shungite, as opposed to the also desirable “regular” shungite. Noble shungite is about 96% carbon. It has faces that are reflective due to its almost glass-like nature.

Noble shungite has the property that it conducts electricity. Therefore, people use these pendants for “grounding” one’s energy, and for “discharging” oneself from electromagnetic frequencies.

The shungite pendants are available for sale and can be used by those who are electromagnetically sensitive, or by those who notice no adverse effects from electromagnetic fields (like WiFi, cell phone towers, cell phone devices, smart meters, and the like).

There are historically recognized gem properties to shungite pendant, such as dispelling negativity and bringing in purity. In Russia, people would go to the Karelia region to bathe and purify in the shungite spring waters.

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A personal testimonial from Dr. Sylvia Skefich

“As a personal anecdote, and speaking as the owner of The Better Back and Body Shop and as someone who is electromagnetically sensitive, I was sitting in a staff meeting a couple of years ago, when I put my hands to my head and said “Please excuse me, as you know, I am electromagnetically sensitive, and I’ve been trying to cope with a ‘field’ that I’m feeling right here. Can you all please turn your cell phones off? I’m not sure if our office building just got ‘smart meters,’ or what is going on with the towers, but I’m feeling very distracted with these sensations right now.”

One of my staff members quickly took off her shungite noble pendant and plopped it over my neck. I was astonished that as soon as the pendant touched my chest, I felt an immediate relief from the sensations I was getting in my head, and we got back to the meeting.

Even though I was familiar with shungite pendant and I was offering it in my shop in terms of the diffused waters for drinking, I had not yet worn shungite. That’s when I started purchasing it for myself, and looking for an affordable sourcing of the jewelry to sell in our shop. Now, I’m proud to offer a wide array of noble and regular shungite, directly from Russia! Watch us as we offer more of them online, or call the shop to make purchases.”
—Sylvia Skefich, D.C.

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