doterra on guard oregano

Oregano and OnGuard Essential Oils


OnGuard blend
by Doterra


by doTERRA


It is the combination of these two oils (the OnGuard being a blend of many oils) that make it so powerful. Use a few drops of each of these oils rubbed into the palms of your hands and feet 3X per day. It is best to add a few drops of any carrier oil (sesame or coconut oil is preferred, but even organic salad or olive oil will do) to help drive in the essential oils, being that the essential oils are volatile and tend to dissipate.

This is one duo that everyone should have at home all the time, because you want to use it at the right time, …that is, right away. It can save you so much in time lost from your work and activities to feel better quicker.

doTERRA is an organization that we stand behind. They donate a portion of their profits to their Healing Hands Foundation that helps to provide micro-loans in third world countries. The Healing Hands Foundation also has programs to curtail sex trafficking and to ensure that girls and women get feminine hygiene products in poor countries. More heir oils go through rigorous testing for purity. Not only are there no toxins in the oils, the oils are also tested to be 100% of the plant that it is purported to be–no dilutions with similar inferior species.

OnGuard in a combination of wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, eucalyptus leaf and rosemary leaf. The combination is pro-circulatory, anti-inflammatory, and immune modulating. Oregano oil is antiseptic. The two together tends to “knock out” what ails you. Disclaimers: Of course, if you end up getting sick, or are not sure what you have, please see your doctor. Although we have found this remedy to be very effective much of the time in most people, no remedy comes with a promise of a result.

You may use this team of oils internally–with caution. Gargle or drink 1 drop of each mixed in water to help a sore throat or to give a deeper potential to the whole body effect.