Oxicell Glutathione Cream


by Apex energetics

1.6 oz cream, pump dispenser


Oxicell Glutathione Cream

Oxicell is a cream delivery form of glutathione that has a light fresh citrus scent. (Oxicell SE for sensitive skin version is available by phone order.)

This is a magnificent product that provides Vitamin E, glutathione, phosphatidylserine, essential oils, and herbal extracts, SAMe, and much more. You can use this cream to combat inflammatory skin conditions and to knock back inflammation in general.

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Treat Skin Itching Issues

At The Better Back and Body Shop, Dr. Skefich, chiropractor recommends Oxicell glutathione cream to help differentiate autoimmune skin conditions from other skin conditions. Autoimmune conditions such as gluten-induced skin crusting or itching problems will improve with glutathione application, whereas other conditions such as psoriasis and eczema won’t see too much change with Oxicell. (We do have other support recommendations for those conditions via email request.)

If your skin condition is caused by yeast, you will notice a worsening of the condition with use (because yeast likes glutathione, too). And that is useful information for your journey.

Oxicell Glutathione Cream—Recommended for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dr. Skefich also recommends the regular application of Oxicell glutathione cream for rheumatoid arthritis. You may not notice improvement of pain with Oxicell use, however, you will be dampening the inflammation–inflammation which gradually leads to joint destruction with RA. The idea is to slow the progression.

You may also use Oxicell glutathione cream for general skin support and beauty needs.

This statement is not intended as a diagnosis or cure for any condition or disease or a replacement for medical advice but is intended as an addition to any plan you may already have with your health care provider.

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