Sacred Selenite Bundles


Each bundle is handmade and unique.

If you have a certain style you prefer — please add a note to your order at checkout. We try to accommodate all requests for:

  • Color (clear or white)
  • Shape
  • String style
  • Rock style

Otherwise, just sit back and wait for your surprise to arrive!



These little 4” long bundles include a selenite bar and two Palo Santo wood sticks which are artfully tied with natural hemp string and affixed with a Java sea glass bead.

Selenite is your stone of clearing and purification. Use it to elevate the ambient energy of a room, or to place your gemstones on for a purifying rest to your gems.

You can take the bundle apart in order to burn the wood for a smudging ceremony, or just leave it as-is, and enjoy the mild scent of the wood and the presence it brings.

Each bundle is handmade and unique. When you purchase your bundle, you can wait for your surprise to arrive, OR please free free to add a note here with your request. You may request a color choice, or a “feminine” or “male” sensibility of style. You may request a “flat,” “square,” bar or a “half round” selenite bar. We will do our best to make the match…no promises!