Shungite “Harmonizer” Rod


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Sourced from Karelia, Russia the shungite harmonizer is a fabulous tool to use and hold in meditation, and for “grounding.” Shungite stone carries an electrical charge, and to hold one or two serves to “ground” excess charge that can build up in the hands.
These rods are polished, regular grade shungite of approximately 60% carbon. Each one has a unique finish in its reflective surface. Carbon fullerene molecules shed from handling the stone and is considered desirable and beneficial.
The harmonizer rod is 4 1/8′ long by 1 1/4″ in diameter.
People report noticeable energy experiences and/or sensation when holding a selenite wand in one hand and a shungite harmonizer rod in the other. The selenite serves for “clearing” and can amplify the energetic quality of a small stone held along with the selenite wand (see photo of how to hold a shungite rod, selenite wand ,and citrine “happiness” stone, for example). Selenite wands are all different but are approximately 3 7/8″ long, by 1/2″, by 1/4″.