Shungite Home Water Infusion Kit


Each Reiki-infused shungite kit comes with:

  • Two ounces of this unique shungite stone from Russia
  • A 3 1/2″ diameter decorative round bottle with natural cork top.
  • Detailed instructions on how to infuse your own shungite water
  • A pretty bangle and “shungite” tag *

* Bangles are chosen by our shop, but you can add a request, such as “I like color,” or “I like sparkle,” or “I would like a heart-themed bangle” and we will do our best to match it.

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Shungite is becoming more and more widely known. All shungite comes from the region of Karelia near the town of Shunga’ in Russia (near the Finland border). It is the site of a former prehistoric giant lake. There are generally two types of shungite shone: the regular grade which is used to infuse water, and the “noble” grade which is used for pendants and jewelry. The regular grade is approximately 60% carbon and the noble grade is well into the 90th-percentile in its carbon density.

The carbon molecule in shungite is unique. It was previously only thought possible to form this particular molecular shape in conditions of outer space. The shape of the shungite carbon molecule is geodesic, like a soccer ball, and was named the “Fullerene” due to the fact that Buckminster Fuller designed the first geodesic dome (like you might see in some greenhouse architecture).

The quality and benefit of the Fullerene is that it is a strong antioxidant. It is much stronger than vitamin C in its ability to combat free radical damage. Free radicals are when the outer electron of an atom in the body goes wild due to some damage–either from radiation, or chemical damage from something taken into the body, or even from chemicals that the body makes under stress conditions. Free radical fighters such as vitamin C, D, E and glutathione…and now shungite…combat that damage of electrons running wild on the surfaces of the atoms, destabilizing them.

Free radical damage is associated with pain, with tissue destruction, and with aging processes. Many people actively try to combat free radical damage by eating right, by exercising which enhances their circulation and detoxification, and by using certain supplements and products associated with these same benefits.

When you consume four ounces of shungite-infused-water daily, the Fullerene molecule actually captures free radical electrons, and then safely carries the electrons out through the natural processes of elimination. The Fullerene attracts and holds the spare electron without sustaining any damage to its own structure.

People are consuming the shungite water as a support for natural cellular function. People also like to apply the water to the skin (using a spray bottle, a clean cotton cloth, or by just patting it on areas of the skin and face) to enhance the detoxifying ability of the skin.

Those who experience electromagnetic sensitivity use shungite because it is believed that those who do experience symptoms from exposure to cell towers, cell phones, wifi and more may be having more free radical damage than other people do. Shungite is taken internally, rubbed on the skin, and worn as pendants, bracelets or earrings to combat that damage and minimize symptoms.

Once you receive your kit, you will pour the pre-washed contents out into a larger glass container, like a ball jar or decanter. Pour in about a quart of water. You may used tap water, but you might as well use filtered water if you have it. Then you let it rest for three whole days with either a cloth on top of the jar, or with the lid ajar. What size bottle do you use? You can either use a quart size, or you can use a larger container that lets the air circulate, and either works fine.

After three days, pour the water into another jar or decanter, and you are ready to use that second container as a decanter to our your four ounces per day! (Two ounces, twice per day is advised. More is not better.)

You may also wish to purchase a small spray bottle or a small decanter jar (online or at a store) for your bathroom so that you can use the infused water in your toiletry routine.

For those who are already purchasing a “shungite kit,” you may purchase a small bag of two ounces of shungite without a bottle, tag, bangle, or description card for an additional $10 plus any applicable taxes. These are only available as an add-on.

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