Shungite Pendant: The Faceted Pendulum


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Our shungite is sourced directly from the Karelia region of Russia. Our trusted vendor ensures that our pendants are made of the true electrically conductive shungite stone. Shungite comes in different grades. The Faceted Pendulum pendant is what many people call “regular” grade, which is up to 60% carbon. The Faceted Pendulum is “polished” shungite, and has a fine, beautiful finish.

This is a substantial piece that measures 5.5 cm from top to point. It is a little wider than 1cm at the widest part. There are four sides, and it hangs from a heavy adjustable cord.

Disclaimer: This pendant, like all regular shungite, may shed carbon. This is thought of as protective and desirable. That being said, our polished shungite pieces will not generally leave marks on clothing, unless worn directly over white clothing.