Colloidal Sovereign Silver Hydrosol Throat and Nasal Spray


Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Hydrosol
(nasal spray bottle design)
by Natural Immunologics

2 fluid oz.


Colloidal Sovereign Silver Throat Spray

Colloidal Sovereign Silver hydrosol (throat and nasal) spray is effective at killing bacteria and is used for treating minor cuts and wounds. It can safely be taken internally, as directed by the manufacturer. Sovereign Silver is a big improvement over old fashioned “colloidal silver,” which has a far greater particle size and is nowhere near as effective in its anti-microbial properties.

This bottle design of colloidal Sovereign Silver hydrosol spray is especially good for use as a nasal and throat spray, although it can be used on other areas of the skin, or on the hands, as well.

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Colloidal Sovereign Silver throat and nasal spray is made up of two vital ingredients. It is a colloidal solution of 99.999% pure silver with purified water (pharmaceutical-grade.) It is free from added silver compounds such as proteins and silver salts that hinder the performance of pure silver.

It is packaged in a non-leaching glass bottle (never plastic or metal) to maintain its purity and integrity.

Benefits of Colloidal Sovereign Silver Hydrosol Throat and Nasal Spray

  • Contains nanometer particle size
  • Provides immune support
  • Positively charged
  • Contains 99.999% pure silver
  • Easily absorbed
  • 10 ppm concentration

Suggested Usage

  • Children 4 years and older: 5 sprays.
  • Adults: 10 sprays.

Please see the Healthy Protocols page on this website called “Silver First Aid” for more on this product.

For more information, reach out to us at (831) 515-7522 or you can write to us at thebetterenergyshop@gmail .com.