by Apex Energetics

60 vegetarian capsules


This is a probiotic blend that is favored by Sylvia Skefich’s patient-base since Dr. Skefich introduced Strengtia™ to her shop about eight years ago.

Strengtia™ contains a superior DDS1-strain of lactobacillus acidophilus and other synergistic ingredients including a beneficial yeast (to compete out the harmful yeasts), a bacteria that is thought to drive out pathogenic bacteria, and it includes “pre-biotics” to support the colonization of the organism (i.e., the “food” of the bacteria).

It does not need refrigeration, is able to survive past the acid of the stomach, and produces good chemistry that is useful for gut repair, and can modulate inflammation in the body as a whole.

To eat a diet high in fiber will enhance the benefits of your probiotic product. Here is your motto: “Even if I am not going to eat less of the foods that I know are bad for me, I can at least eat one more serving of vegetables per day than I am used to.” Vegetables are the “food” and the “nest” of our helpful bacteria.

See the Healthy Protocols in this website called “Probiotics: Strengtia™ and Primal Defense®” and “Addicted to Sugar?” for more on this topic.