Tamu Oil + Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil


by Health Concerns and doTERRA

Two bottle set


This powerful combo, when used on the nail beds two times per day, will get rid of toenail fungus in most people most of the time. Watch your nail beds gradually grow out clean!

This two bottle team will last a very long time. You don’t need much, just enough to wipe a thin layer across the tops of your nail beds twice per day.

Most people simply drip a drop or two of one oil at a time onto the fingertips and then smear it across the surfaces of the nails and rub it in a little,…and other people like to mix a blend (half and half) in a separate new bottle to use at once in the same manner.

Either oil, when used alone will not work for the toenail fungus problem. The two must be used together.

In the much more rare cases when no change is seen over the months that it takes to grow a nail out, this means that there is an underlying micro-circulation problem, or a systemic problem of fungus throughout the whole body that is re-seeding the nails (or both issues may be present). These issues would needed to be addressed separately, and are good challenges to know about and to address. All information, even lack of success, is good information.

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