The Best Book on Crystals and Gemstones—The Pocket Book of Stones


The Pocket Book of Stones
by Robert Simmons



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This is the best pocket-sized book, packed with useful information on 399 types of stones, gemstones, minerals, and crystals. For decades, Robert Simmons has been a leader in the world of stones, teaching about crystals and stones, and about the self-help aspect of stones uses.

The subtitle of this book is “Who They Are and What They Teach,” a testament to the respect that Robert has for the stone realm. Like the Native American tribes, this sub-title implies that Robert sees stones as vital helpers and as entities worth meeting. Some Native Americans call rocks and stones the “stone people.”

This is the best book on crystals and gemstones where each page is dedicated to one stone type and outlines historical spiritual attributes, scientific data, chakra associations, emotional implications to the stone, and more. Beautiful photos accompany each page…a necessity in such a resource of gems and stones.

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Invaluable Portable Reference for both Beginners and Experts

This is one of the best books on crystals and gemstones with an ideal introduction to various stones. It explains the emotional and spiritual properties as well as other healing qualities of stones in detail for well-versed readers as well as for those who are new to this field, helping them create a good foundation for further knowledge.

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