Trizomal glutathione

Trizomal Glutathione


Trizomal Glutathione
by Apex Energetics

8 fluid oz.
47 servings per container

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Trizomal Glutatione is an absorbable version of glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant. In the past, glutathione supplements have been notoriously poorly absorbed when in pill or supplement form. Only recently have there been new methods in supplement formulation which allow it to be absorbed and used by our cells.

Glutathione is a natural antioxidant that is normally created in our liver. Trizomal Glutathione supplement gives a boost to either an under-functioning production, or to provide a higher dose needed to combat a history of toxic exposures. Glutathione is also a good general cell support.

An interesting note that is not widely known is that is you have a poor reaction to taking glutathione (getting achey, sore, or sick feeling), that can be a rare reaction when someone has a systemic yeast condition. Yeast cells benefit from the glutathione too, so the supplement can exacerbate the condition. In this case, glutathione is not the right supplement for you and the yeast needs to be addressed. (This comment does not suggest a diagnosis, because many factors would need to be considered for a diagnosis in this case.)

Glutathione is a good tissue support as well as cell support because of its sulfur compounds that help to build healthy tissue.

As an anti-oxidant cell preserver, glutathione is a top pick. You can read more about anti-oxidants in the website under Protocols under “Anti-Oxidant Cell Preservation.”

Tip: No need to use the plastic injector that comes with the product…it just leads to more cleaning to do. Simply take off the bottle seal top, and use as a regular pour bottle.

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