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We are proud to carry some of the finest lines of supplements. We ship for phone orders, with only our cost of shipping and tax added on. We also serve walk-in customers for supplement sales and support.  We also carry a wide variety of beautiful orgonite gem devices and shungite stones that you can purchase which you can soak in water at home.

Supplements to complement Dr. Sylvia Skefich’s Healthy Protocols

Orgonite Gem Devices That You Can Purchase For Their Beauty And Usefulness

We Offer pre-washed shungite in attractive bottle containers that are accompanied with useful information and instruction cards.

Stop by The Better Back & Body Shop and enjoy a unique experience in this one of a kind shop. Learn about the Healthy Protocols, enjoy the Cranio-Sacral Therapy educational art gallery, shop for gifts, and learn the benefits of gem “orgonite” devices and shungite stones. . . and feel the momentum and power that comes from supporting your well being.

Shop Location: 920 41st Ave., Suite B, Santa Cruz, California