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Dr. Skefich’s Healthy Protocols

How Did This Shop Come About, And What Is A “Healthy Protocol”?

Dr. Sylvia Skefich, chiropractor has been working with the public full time for over twenty years. She opened The Better Back and Body Shop in 2019. Dr. Skefich helps people with complaints that widely range from fatigue, digestive problems, pain, injury, nervous system disorders and more. Dr. Skefich is a nut about natural health.

Her goal is to:  (1) to find the root cause of complaints, (2) to effectively address the root cause of problems with natural means (within her scope of practice), and (3) to encourage and inspire her patients to choose natural methods to support their wellbeing. She has the experience to have witnessed what works well for most people most of the time.

Dr. Skefich has gathered a wealth of tried and true “Healthy Protocols” for many conditions. “Healthy Protocols” are supplements and oils used in ways to achieve certain goals. Such goals may be something less than a medical condition or disease, but nevertheless expressing an inadequacy of the physical body to be at full vitality. Many people live with signs or symptoms that they don’t need to. Natural methods often work very well when health has not gone too far “off track.” Healthy Protocols can often be used alongside other therapies that a medical doctor might prescribe. (Ask your doctors about that possibility.)

Dr. Skefich uses lines of supplements that are superior to many commercial brands available in stores. These are lines sold to practitioners only because they are meant to be accompanied by practitioner advisement. Many of the protocols of The Better Back and Body Shop use these brands which include Standard Process, MediHerb, Apex Energetics and Designs for Health.

Dr. Skefich writes the Healthy Protocols handouts herself. Each Healthy Protocol boils down each issue into an easy to understand page. Titles of some of the Healthy Protocols are:

  • Tired and Wired?
  • Osteoarthritis Help
  • Cucumber Builds Collagen
  • Lipase Needed for No Gallbladder
  • Silver First Aid
  • Posture Pump for Spinal Comfort
  • Heel Cracks
  • Ageless Eyes
  • Antronex for Allergy
  • U-Turn Cold and Flu
  • Topical Glutathione for Skin Conditions
  • Magnesium for Bone and Heart
  • Cataplex ACP” for Bruises/Arm Marks
  • Probiotic “Strengtia”
  • Recurrent Bladder Infections
  • Cataplex B” is Truly “Whole Food Vitamin B”

The Better Back and Body Shop is a wellness resource center. When you arrive at The Better Back and Body Shop, you don’t have to figure things out or understand lingo from the worlds of medicine or chemistry. You are invited to be curious, and to learn through inspiration. Drop in, browse the shop of gifts, inspiring art, and Healthy Protocols,…maybe see a Healthy Protocol that peaks your curiosity (name cards do accompany the Healthy Protocols displays), then to go to our literature resource wall to pull the correspondingly named Healthy Protocol handout to read.

Come by and enjoy a unique experience in this one of a kind shop. Learn about the Healthy Protocols, enjoy the Cranio-Sacral Therapy educational art gallery, shop for gifts, and learn the benefits of gem “orgonite” devices and shungite stones… and feel the momentum and power that comes from supporting your well being.

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