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Shungite, a stone first recognized and mined in the Karelia area of Russia, is made of a geodesic (soccerball-like) shaped molecule that is referred to as a “Fullerene.” Other names for this molecule are “carbon 60,” or “C60.” The name “Fullerene” was given in honor of Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome. Shungite stone is two billion years old and has been used in spas, and for health purposes by the Russian locals of the town of Shun’ga for at least two hundred years.

Fullerenes are anti-oxidant in nature. The anti-oxidant effect of vitamin C pales in comparison to the anti-oxidant effects of C60/Fullerenes. There is at least one company that sells a Fullerene infused food-grade oil for just under $100 for four ounces. Well, you can make your own Fullerene-infused water from one inexpensive purchase of shungite stones that you can use for years to come.

Why are anti-oxidants important for your health? Anti-oxidants (like vitamins A, C, D, E, and glutathione) dampen free radical cascades. Free radicals occur naturally in living cells, but can become excessive when cells experience stress—the stress of aging, the stress of toxin exposure, and the stress of poor detoxification and poor circulation are examples. “Free radicals” literally refer to the unstable outer shell of an atom that has too few electrons in it, having lost one. Once an atom is unstable, then it goes about stealing an electron from another atom, and so on, like dominoes. This can basically kill a cell if the cascade goes unchecked.

Anti-oxidants, on the other hand, easily lend out electrons to fix the free radical activity of an atom, disrupting the cascade, and preserving the health of the cell. Shungite is also protective against electromagnetic radiation sensitivity and protective of the damage that electromagnetic radiation creates—which is basically free-radical damage.

To make yourself some powerful anti-oxidant Fullerene infused water, just follow these directions using your shungite stones.

Since the stones have been mined in an industrial setting, The Better Energy Shop has washed your stones for you. Despite the several hand wash and hand rise cycles your stones have gone through (followed by a vodka soak to kill pathogens), you still may find small fibers floating or at the bottom or the top of your shungite water. You can simply pick or wipe them away as they appear. Also, know that your stones from The Better Energy Shop have been Reiki infused with positive energy.

1. Place the stones in the bottom of a one-quart clean glass jar, and then fill the jar with water. You can use pre-filtered or purified water. If you use chlorinated water, the shungite will help to purify it. Then cover the jar with a cloth, or with a sprouting lid.
2. In three days, the shungite will have maximally infused the water with anti-oxidant Fullerenes. You may drink the water before fully infused if you wish. Transfer the water to another holding container from which to decant.
3. Refill your shungite jar to repeat every three days or so.
4. Every 6 months or so, lay your stones out in the sun to cleanse and “charge” them. If you are using chlorinated water, then lay them in the sun after each use.
5. Drink only about 4 ounces, twice per day. More is not better.

Copyright Sylvia Skefich 2019

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