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Shungite Is A Stone Found Only In Russia

Shungite is comprised of molecules that are shaped like soccer balls and which are referred to as a “Fullerenes.” Other names for this molecule are “carbon 60,” or “C60.”

The name “Fullerene” was given in honor of Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the architectural geodesic dome structure that it resembles. Shungite stone is two billion years old and has been used in spas and for health purposes by the Russian locals of Shun’ga for at least two hundred years.

Fullerene molecules have anti-oxidant properties. The anti-oxidant effect of vitamin C pales in comparison to the anti-oxidant effect of C60/Fullerines. There is at least one company that sells Fullerine infused food grade oil for just under $100 for four ounces. (The website has testimonials as to all kinds of healing effects from taking the product.) Well you can make your own Fullerine-infused water to drink from one inexpensive purchase of shungite stones at The Better Back and Body Shop that you can continue to use for years to come.

Why are anti-oxidants important for your health? Anti-oxidants (like vitamins A,D,E and glutathione) slow down harmful free-radical activity. Free radical damage occurs naturally in living cells, but can become excessive when cells experience stress. Ageing, toxin exposure, non-vital foods, poor ability to detoxify, and poor circulation are examples of factors associated with increased free radical activity.

A “free radical” literally refers to the unstable outer electron in a shell that has too few electrons in it (because it lost one). Once an atom is unstable, then it goes about stealing an electron from another atom, and so on, like dominoes. This can kill a cell if the cascade goes unchecked.

Anti-oxidants, on the other hand, easily lend out electrons to fix the free radical damage of an atom, disrupting the cascade and preserving the health of the cell. Shungite provides this benefit. Shungite is also said to help “electromagnetic sensitivity”—symptoms that certain individuals get when exposed to electromagnetic fields like those that come from Smart Meters, cell phones, cell towers, and other emitting electronic devices. The shungite slows some of the free radical damage that is associated with this electromagnetic field radiation when taken as a daily drink.

The Better Back and Body Shop offers inexpensive shungite stones, and teaches you how to make your own water infusions. Only a small amount (4 ounces) need be taken daily. We offer pre-washed shungite in handsome bottle containers that are accompanied with attractive information and instruction cards.

Our shungite bottles make great gifts and conversation pieces.

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