Silver is a natural antibiotic.

Colloidal silver was used by medical doctors for fighting infection before there were pharmacological options. Old school “colloidal silver” is made by putting an electric charge across a silver metal bar that is in a solution.

Microscopic flakes come off of the silver to create what is known as a “hydrosol” of silver. “Old school” colloidal silver would eventually fall out of solution and form a sediment on the bottom of the bottle because the particles were relatively large. Our silvers do not do that.


How does silver work to kill bacteria and other pathogen?

The molecular structure of these silver particles provides a free electron that bounces back and forth on the outer shell of the silvers’ atoms, which enables the presence of the silver to kill pathogens—basically tearing them up. One particle will keep working, over and over again, and not wear out or wear down (so to speak). And it does not harm the tissues of the human body.

The company that makes Sovereign Silver products, Natural Immunologics, improved the technology that is used to make old school colloidal silver, vastly so. The particles in Sovereign Silver are so small that they can actually cross the mucosal barrier, and enter into the cells. Learn more about it here.

What we look for in the efficacy of a silver product is not how much silver there is per spray (ppm) but how small the silver particles are.

When there are small particles, less dosage is needed than with the larger particles, and it is much more effective.


Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Hydrosol

We recommend the Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Hydrosol for any sinus or nasal complaint that may be from infection or even from fungus. Because of the nozzle style (specific for an upright release of the hydrosol), it works well for the nasal cavities and sinuses. Just insert the nozzle in a nostril and squeeze the trigger once or twice at the moments of your deep inhales. Repeat with the other nostril.

If you are treating multiple family members, it is recommended to get separate bottles or to clean the nozzle with isopropyl alcohol and dry it thoroughly before use on the next person. Make sure that you do not get alcohol in the spray mechanism or in the bottle itself, or it can hurt.


Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Hydrosol Dosage Information

As far as safety, the manufacturer of Sovereign Silver says: you can use 70 sprays per day for 70 years and still not reach the maximum allowable exposure to silver. There is almost no chance a person can turn ashen gray from silver overexposure with these products. (This was possible with old school colloidal silver which had up to 300,000 ppm as opposed to 10ppm.)

For minor skin wounds, we carry Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel.

Clean the area well with soap and water before applying it. The Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel has homeopathic medicine for wounds and trauma in it, as well. It is amazing! You might be astounded by how quickly a small wound, a bump or a bruise, a strain, a bug bite, or a sting can heal with this gel–especially if you apply the gel immediately after the injury, and repeat application several times per day.

Seek medical attention if bleeding does not stop, or if a red ring or streaks appears around a wound, or if any other signs of a wound not healing are there.

We love both of the Sovereign Silver products, and we also love the Designs for Health brand Silvercillin Spray. Due to the technology of its specific molecular structure, its spray type (with the front spray design), and its effectiveness, we get many requests for this product, as well. See more here.

The Silvercillin Spray, although not as tiny as the Sovereign Silver is still small enough to enter a red blood cell.

Have you ever been scratched by your cat or by rose bushes?—and the sore scratches that come in the days that follow? Ouch! Just wash your hands, then spray your hands with Silvercillin Spray and rub the hydrosol in to your skin. Keep the redness from coming into those scratches in the first place. You may use the gel for this purpose, too.

Take your silver camping, hiking, and on your mountain bike rides (to have in the event of a first aid need). Carry a bottle in your purse as a natural antiseptic hand wash. Keep a bottle in your car to spray some on your hands after you have been in the grocery store, having touched the dirty carts and doors. Why not avoid all of the chemicals that come in those hand sanitizers. (Many of those chemical in the hand sanitizers are endocrine disruptors–interfering with hormone function–depending on the brand.)


Disclaimer: This flier is not intended to replace medical attention or to diagnose or treat a medical condition.