The Portal is a beautiful little red tea room in The Better Energy Shop.

The other day a kind elderly gentleman sat in the “Oways” brand massage chair, holding his cup of tea close to his chest, eyes closed, revealing a simple smile of contentment. This is one example of what people experience after their cranio-sacral therapy session, in what is considered “The Portal” at The Better Energy Shop.

The Portal is a place to come, to rest, and to integrate your experiences before hitting the streets after what may have been a deeply restorative cranio-sacral therapy session with our staff therapists.

The Portal offers support for your integration back into the day. the portal (and the shop of which it is a part) recently received this compliment: “it has wonderful aesthetics and the attention to design detail…it’s just a wonderful place.”


Massage Chair + Gem Body Mat = Bliss

the portal gem chair recovery roomHere in The Portal, the Oways chair under you massaging your back, the VibesUP weighted body mats of amethyst and black tourmaline upon you, complimentary gemstone infused water–or an energy boost tincture tea (additional cost of $3) in your hand, doTerra essential oils to interact with, and an attentive shop employee with a background in Reiki, meditation, or the healing arts to attend to you, you will find an easy on-ramp back into your day.

And if you are just needing a quiet and undisturbed space to settle into, to assimilate and integrate your recent therapy, The Portal semi-private sanctum can easily be that place for you, too.

This experience is FREE for the first 15 minutes if you have had a therapy session with us on the same day. (Regularly, The Portal experience is FREE for the first 5 minutes, then $5 for each 5 minutes thereafter.) You can stop by the shop even if you don’t have an appointment to check out The Portal, to shop, or book a therapy session or Portal spot during shop hours.

BBBS Contact:
920 41st Ave Suite B

BBBS Hours:
Mon, Wed, Tue, Thur, Fri: 10:30-5:30 pm
(last chair spot at 5 pm)

Article by Ayla Rose, Retail Assistant at The Better Energy Shop, and Sylvia Skefich, D.C.