Orgonite gems have ancient origins and despite their unique qualities, people are just starting to fully understand their potential. Orgonite is gaining popularity in the world today because of its protective benefits. The orgone is also popular because it is believed to improve people’s lives spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The orgonite gems are formed from a mix of resin of quartz, metal shavings, and resin which gives them an aesthetic appeal and a physical change in the immediate environment of the device.


When the resin is dried, contracted, and pressed upon the metal spirals and shards, photons are emitted continuously. The orgonite devices emit light! This is what happens when there is pressure applied to metal bits that are in close proximity to one another. Although you can not see the low level of photons that are emitted, with your eyes, the positivity is there.

Also, when the resin is dried around certain crystals, like the quartz crystals within the top of the devices, and with black tourmaline crystal, an actual piezoelectric current happens, and it stays running for the life of the device!

What you have here with an orgonite gem device is a little “nature shield.”

The Better Energy Shop in Santa Cruz, California stocks a variety of orgonite pyramids also known as orgone pyramids. Our orgonite pyramids are available in different sizes. You can choose from our vast collection of orgonite gems, orgonite and shungite jewelry, and loose tumbled and raw gemstones. 

Our orgonite gem devices can also make a perfect gift to a loved one, and you can choose the gem that has the quality you would like to convey and amplify.


The History Behind Orgonite Gems



History shows that crystals and gemstones were first discovered more than 25, 000 years ago. Ancient people believed crystals and gemstones were divine and were attributed spiritual significance. The science behind these precious crystals was not explored until the beginning of the 20th century.

An Austrian scientist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered orgone energy in the 1930s. Dr. Wilhelm studied and did experiments on the orgone energy, commonly known as prana or chi, for many years. His research showed that orgone energy could be manipulated to turn negative energies and shift that energy into something fuller and finer for the greater good. Later, Dr. Wilhelm discovered that when metal shavings and resin were combined with crystals, the final product was able to produce an attractive-repulsive effect which he termed as orgonite.


Top 5  Benefits of How You Can Benefit From Using Orgonite From The Better Energy Shop


Orgonite devices can help protect you and your family from EMF radiation emitted from electric devices found in your home. You can place one between you and the electric device,…you can place one on top or near your electric device (like a modem, router, phone, computer, or TV box). You can also put an orgonite device near your own body, say as you sit at your desk.

Our orgonite crystals and orgonite pyramids can help you to achieve balance in your life and also help with spiritual awakening. Choose the crystal with the historically known meaning that will most help you. Lapiz lazuli is the “speak your truth” stone, for example, and green aventurine is “the great unblocker.”

Orgone devices can help to fight insomnia to bring peace and calmness to your life. Some people even put them in their beds. Rose quartz has a soothing effect of “unconditional love,” and labradorite helps people safely traverse the realms of dream and meditative states.

If you are looking for love, luck, success, fortune, and prosperity, we have the right orgonite gems that can meet your needs. Jade is considered one of the luckiest stones, as is green aventurine.

Orgone pyramids possess powerful effects to help you emotionally and mentally. They also have the power and metaphysical properties to offer you protection and dispel negative energies. Look to black tourmaline to dispel and clean up negative energies, and labradorite to throwback negativity from where it came from.



Orgonite Gems We Carry at The Better Energy Shop

We stock a variety of orgonite gems and orgonite pyramids available in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. These include:



This gemstone helps when you want to make a life transformation. It possesses positive orgone energy to bring new ideas as well as energize your imagination. It has visible layers of iridescence and you can think of this property as a reflection of how labradorite helps you to travel through states of meditation including soul retrieval. Also, it helps with vivid and lucid dreams and helps banish any fears you may have. Place a labradorite pyramid near the door where it is visible to anyone walking in your space for protection.


Lapis Lazuli

The lapis lazuli is considered to be a ‘royal stone’ because it contains the soul of gods. This stone is ideal for people looking for spiritual attainment due to its metaphysical and positive energy abilities. Think of its energy like the “good” queen or the “good” king, taking charge of and caring for her or his realm and those in it. Lapis lazuli can also encourage creativity and stimulate higher mental faculties.

Additionally, Lapis lazuli brings self-awareness and is a harmonizer of your spirit, mind, emotions, and body. When placed on your working desk or in a niche in your house where you walk by often and are able to see it frequently, it can help you confront the truth and speak with confidence. Since the lapis lazuli orgonite pyramid is associated with the throat chakra, lapis lazuli can help you take charge of your life.


Green Aventurine

This gem is considered a lucky stone. It is a must-have if you are looking for prosperity and good luck in your life. Aventurine, especially the green aventurine, works by unblocking energy and unlocking potential. It is said that green aventurine can even “set the stage” of your outer environment to help you to attain your high goals. You can place the aventurine orgonite gem in your “love” fen shi corner in your house for good results in the “love” realm. Set it with a rose quartz orgonite, as a pair, to amplify that goal. It also makes the perfect gift for a loved one for luck.


Black Tourmaline

This gemstone is considered a security stone. It has the power to absorb any negative energy around you and protect your room or house. It works by dispelling any negative energies “erasing” them. Place one near the entrance of your house or office for protection. Ensure it is visible to anyone walking in the front door. Black tourmaline is the gem type that has the piezoelectric current when in the orgonite gem device state. Use it for electromagnetic protection.



This orgonite device is a heart stone with fire in it. It has the power to assist in balancing chakras. It is used to help your heart’s aspiration become manifest. Amethyst crystal therapies can help with balancing the crown chakra, meditation, dream recollection, and can improve sleep quality. These orgonite devices are also perfect for people looking for inspiration for their projects or tasks and help them to remain focused on their tasks or relationships.

Carnelian Selenite

Carnelian is a stone of the lower chakras (down in the pelvic bowl and up as high as the belly button). What this means is that the stone is associated with the support and amplification of the properties of healthy and happy “survival.”  We want not just to survive, but to thrive, and the carnelian stone helps us to do that, especially when carnelian is in the “orgonite gem device” form, for its amplification.

Carnelian helps with those basic needs like having ample money, ample home, and family harmony, and our basic channels of creativity to be open and flowing. Due to the basic properties of carnelian, it is also a good talisman of “structure,” and was used historically in the clothing ornaments of builders and architects. Carnelian orgonite gem devices make an excellent housewarming gift.




Selenite is a lovely and useful gem type for an orgonite gem device. It is thought to resonate with the realm of the angels. Once you “know” selenite by being with it, then even the thought of selenite can be protective. You can imagine selenite in front of you, like a shield from negative energies, and you can imagine it above your head to suction off negativity, as well.

Selenite is very “slippery” in its energetic quality. It makes bad stuff slip off. In its raw state, it is sheet-like, so it not only transmits energy along the planes of its sheets, like slippery glass, but it also is shield-like. Call in your angles with selenite, and use it for your prayer work.




Historically, jade has been known for these properties of being GREAT for luck and for money, but why? Jade, and especially the amplified version of a jade orgonite gem device has a quality of “strength with ease.” You can think of the energy of jade as being like a stream that collects the trickles of water that drips from lovely green ferns into the stream. And over time, the stream gets deeper and more channeled, and really, no work was done. It just happens, easily and effortlessly.

Keep jade orgonite with you especially when times are hard. Use it as a bridge to get you to the next flux where things feel supported and easier again. Keep it on your desk or by your bed. Keep a jade orgonite sacred geometry pocket disc in your pocket or purse… so reasonably priced at our brick and mortar shop at under $10. Call or email us for shipping options at 831-515-7522 or the


Tiger Eye

Look to tiger eye orgonite to amplify your focus and boldness. Are you having trouble staying on track? Do you procrastinate? Do you have trouble keeping a hold of your own money, or does money slip through your fingers?

Use tiger eye as a talisman to amplify and help coalesce your own inner purpose and path. Use it to coalesce your resources so that you can focus them on your goals. Use it to give you the fortitude to keep taking the next step and to dispel shyness, apprehension, and fears. Keep it on your desk, or even in your pocket. Call or email us about our sacred geometry orgonite gem pocket discs that we carry in our brick and mortar shop that you can carry with you anywhere 831-515-7522,


Rose Quartz

The rose quartz orgonite crystal is associated with love. It helps by allowing you to release heartache and unexpressed emotions. These orgonite crystals also help you to open your heart once more so that you become receptive to enable you to love again. These natural crystals not only help you to love others but also encourage you to forgive and love yourself.

Basically, the rose quartz orgonite crystals absorb all the negative energy around you and replace it with love, and also help to give you a loveable personality. Place rose quartz orgonite crystals in the northwest corner of your house or room (the “love” fen shi corner of your house).


Why You Should Shop at The Better Energy Shop


We sell a variety of orgonite gem devices, orgone gems, and orgone crystals at competitive prices. Our products have the ability to decrease electro-smog and the effects of EMFs and the ability to elevate the surrounding positive energy. You can place an order online for yourself or for a gift for a loved one. Call or email us if you don’t see what you need online because we have a larger variety of orgonite gem device types in our brick-and-mortar shop (831-515-7522 We have demi sizes, solid types with no


 crystal on top, and ones with sacred geometry in them, in the shop.


We offer a fast turnaround time once you place an order from our online store and shipping is always a reasonable flat fee, no matter what you order within the United States.