I’m a chiropractor, but I first learned of Topricin® homeopathic pain relief cream from my own chiropractor, years ago.

I went to my own chiropractor for pain one day.  It was really bad. It felt like I had broken glass embedded between my shoulder blades. I found out later that I had a herniated disc in my neck from an injury that at the time I did not realize was so severe. The cervical number five vertebra was herniated and was referring to pain between my shoulder blades.

On that visit with my chiropractor, I got some nice muscle therapy and a clean light adjustment or two. My chiropractor gave me a sample of Topricin® cream. He told me to put some on every fifteen minutes for the first day of application. I thought, “Yeah, right, who is going to have time for that?”

My chiropractor explained to me that using a homeopathic remedy is like ringing a gong in a crowded noisy room (the noise being the pain). The gong will “still” the noise for a while, but then the people eventually begin talking and once again you have a noisy room.

So you ring the gong again, and the room quiets. Through repeated use, the gong entrains the people in the room to become quiet. But it takes repeated use. But then, you don’t have to ring the gong as much anymore, once the pain—I mean noise—quiets.

This made sense to me, but I still thought it was a far reach to ask a person to apply a cream every fifteen minutes, even if it was just for the first day or so.

After my visit, I was feeling no better. The broken glass shards feel between my shoulder blades was still there. So I applied the Topricin homeopathic pain relief cream…and it was like wiping away the pain. It was miraculous! But what do you know…the pain started to return within twenty minutes. I grabbed the Topricin®, and once again wiped away the pain.

I changed my mind about the inconvenience of applying the cream every fifteen minutes or so being that the results were so outstanding and the relief was so needed. In retrospect, I am really glad that I was introduced to this product when I was. I don’t know if I would have the respect for Topricin® that I now have without having had that dramatic experience.

Topricin® includes a combination of topical homeopathic remedies which is what makes it a superior homeopathic topical product.

It includes Arnica Montana 3X (known for treating bruises, sprains, and strains), Aesculus hippocastanum6X  (great for low back pain, and pain in the hips and spine), Echinacea 3X (for sharp stitching pain in muscles and joints), Naja triptans 12X (for nerve pain), Ruta graveolens 3X (which brings relief to injuries of the knees, shins, and elbows), Lachesis mutus 12X (for relief of sciatic pain and carpal tunnel), Belladonna 6X (for treating muscle spasms and nighttime leg cramps), and more!

Topricin® is indicated for all the above conditions, plus arthritis pain, pain in hands and feet, tingling or burning pain, trauma and injuries, shoulder pain, tendinitis, repetitive stress injuries, and more.

Homeopathy itself is over a hundred years old and uses the energy “imprint” of a dilution, rather than using actual molecules of medicinal herbs or medicines to do its work.

The Royal Family uses homeopathy as part of their healthcare options. Read this article to learn more about how the Queen empowers herself by carrying her own remedies when she travels.

Some interesting philosophies of homeopathy can be found on Carola Cuenca, homeopathic practitioner’s page. Homeopathy can be used to treat a person’s “constitution” with the goal of positively affecting every ailment in that person which stems from their constitution. Like fruit that stems from a tree, if you treat the tree, the fruit improves.

Or homeopathy can be used as a remedy for one single ailment.  Since homeopathy is considered safe and non-toxic, it is common that people self-prescribe, and then pick up their remedy in a health food store based on looking up their ailment in a chart or book. Practitioners of all types may also make a recommendation for your particular ailment. Otherwise, a trained homeopath can diagnose their clients’ constitutional remedy which might improve all of their ailments.

Topricin® pain relief cream is one of the go-to first aid products that I keep in my own home medicine cabinet and is a favorite of my chiropractic patients to bring relief to the condition of pain. Try it for yourself, and see.

Copyright Sylvia Skefich, D.C. 2020