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Gem Energy Water Bar

Gems are historically thought to impart certain qualities and have been used for thousands of years to aid creativity, to bring strength and valor, to offer protection, to aid personal and spiritual evolution, to attract love, and much more. At the “gem energy water bar” of The Better Back and Body Shop, we offer a water beverage that has been “brewing” in the proximity of certain gems. We have chosen gems that offer qualities of groundedness, creativity, self expression, and love.

In addition, the gem water bar “brewing” containers have affirmations on them that match the gems’ qualities. You may be familiar with Masuru Emoto’s books which show the pictures of water ice crystals that have been in the presence of positive affirmations attached to their containers. Water crystals which have positive affirmations such as “You’re beautiful,” and “Thank you” display comparable beauty, strength, completeness and symmetry–whereas the crystals that have negative or less than positive affirmations show correspondingly poor constructs of symmetry, completeness and beauty.

Human beings are made up of 70% water. Water is in every cell that we have. At The Better Back and Body Shop’s gem energy water bar, our goal is to “remember” the potential for completeness inside us.

We invite you to by imbibe in water that has been enhanced with affirmations that match the energy of the gems. We invite you to elevate your potential for human being and human expression with the positive attributes of gem energy through pure water that you drink.

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