“Orgonite” is a manmade object consisting of a resin matrix with crystals and metal inside.

Sometimes sacred geometry is included inside or under it. Sounds simple, but the effects can be profound. These objects are special because the resin dries and shrinks, and that puts pressure on the objects inside…

When metal pieces are in close proximity to one another in a dried resin matrix, they actually emit photons. The effect is said to “negate” harmful energy and radiation. (Metal spirals, metal shards, or metal B-B type spheres are commonly used.) The metal pieces “block” harmful energy (such as electro-smog and electromagnetic radiation), whereas crystals “elevate” ambient energy when dried in a resin matrix.

We have the metal’s effects blocking bad energy, and we have the crystal’s effects elevating and improving good energy.

Crystals have been used by humans for eons. Archeological digs have uncovered gem amulets as old as 25,000 years old.

Most cultures, from the ancient Romans to the Hindus, have used crystals in ways that show that spiritual significance and/or power was attributed to them.

Consider quartz crystal in particular (plus a handful of other crystals like black tourmaline). Such crystals  actually create a “piezo electric” current when placed under pressure by the resin having dried around them. The piezo electric current is so reliable in quartz that the system has been used to keep time in quartz crystal watches. The energy continues to be created as long as the crystal is kept under pressure. The resin of an orgonite gem device is stable and keeps the gems under pressure continually.

The concept of “entrainment” comes into play when thinking of crystal energy. What is “entrainment”? The concept was coined by Christian Huygens, a contemporary of Isaac Newton in the 1700’s. Christian was a Dutch physicist, and also the inventor of the grandfather clock. He noticed when he stored a number of grandfather clocks in one room–all swinging randomly—that when he returned the next day, he found the clocks all swinging together, synchronized! Christian discovered that the clocks would “follow” the swing of the largest clock in the room. He coined the term “entrainment,” i.e., the phenomena of living or non-living individuals calibrating to the strongest individual in the environment.

Crystals resonate with their own frequencies/energies/“voices,” and they influence their environment with their personality.

They are thought to “elevate” the environment with the addition of their frequency, and they also help us entrain US to THEM. Therefore we get the benefits of being “colored” by the crystals’ energy attributes, and we may become more like those attributes. We can choose to be around stones, gems or crystals that have properties from which we seek to benefit. It is like having a friend or partner who is a good influence on you.

Try putting two orgonite devices (a “couple,” or a “pair”) such as a light green aventurine that vibrates with “heart energy”, and a rose quartz for “harmonic relationship energy” in the southwest “relationship” corner of your room, and see what happens! Or try putting a carnelian orgonite device on your lap or at your desk when you are working, and see if you feel a more relaxed and natural focus with your work efforts.

Not only are crystals and gems purifying to the environment, but they can help clear various body parts of stagnant energy.

You can clear your chakras too, either by picking a stone that is associated with that chakra, or by resting with the stone on that chakra. Each stone is associated with certain properties such as heart opening, courage, physical health, bone healing, wealth and money, connection to the higher self, and others properties. See The Pocket Book of Stones, Who They Are and What They Teach, sold at The Better Energy Shop for more details.

Disclaimer: this statement is not intended to replace medical advice, nor to suggest medical treatment or remedy for any medical condition. It is a statement of historical understanding on gems only.