Orgonite refers to gems and metal pieces (wire or shards), and sometimes sacred geometry that is placed in a resin matrix.

Pyramids are a common shape of orgonite gem device and take advantage of the power of sacred geometry. Pyramids concentrate and focus the energy of the gems.

The depth and iridescence of labradorite are much like its historically known properties: interdimensional. Crystal Vaults says that labradorite was said to fall from the frozen light of the Aurora Borealis and that it is the bridge between waking and the unseen worlds.

Labradorite helps us to explore and align the dimensions of our spiritual body.

It also helps us to access the depths of our subconscious body, and the heights of our etheric body. Labradorite is an ally that aids and holds us in the exploration of these and other dimensions, and it helps us to return “home” safely to our daily life with renewed meaning after our spiritual travel.

An example of the dimensional work that labradorite is known for is that it might bring up suppressed memories and help us to make sense of them.

The Pocket Book of Stones tells us that labradorite aids in clairvoyance, astral travel, psychic reading, access of the Akashic records, communication with higher guides and angles, as well as “coincidence control.”

Labradorite is good for clarity and helps to dispel illusions. It is a useful tool for contemplation…bringing up new and accurate information.

Because labradorite is a masterful interdimensional navigator, it is a good tool to have when undergoing a lot of change. It helps you go through layers, levels, and shifts–easily so. Labradorite is a “protector.” It grounds and diminishes stress.

Labradorite is perhaps the most powerful stone for protection. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads tells us how labradorite is said to create a shield for auras, but it also protects us from the negativity that might stem from within.

Because of its mastery at navigating the dimensions, labradorite is able to enhance proper boundaries. To know what is “yours” and what is “other” is the first step of being able to claim one’s space and to send off that which does not belong to you.

Labradorite Orgonite Gemstone Device

Labradorite helps one see what is not in its place.

Doing so, the presence of labradorite can even remove energetic cords coming from other people. It deflects negative energy and protects your aura.

Historically, labradorite is thought to be useful for the brain, for conditions of the eyes, and for gout and rheumatism. It is good for anxiety. Charms of Light calls labradorite a helpful “companion” for anyone going through change, increasing strength and perseverance.

You can think of labradorite as the “body” of mystic navigation. Without a “body,” such navigation–whether it be navigation to the subconsciousness, to past lives, or to etheric or other realms—could potentially be perceived as challenging, scary, energy-zapping, or exhausting.

It’s the “ship” or carriage that takes us to the realms. Labradorite is like the physical body that carries our spirit, but an energetic version of it–holding and moving energy in a safe way.

Use labradorite to strengthen faith in yourself, and to banish fear and insecurity.

Use it to bring in new ideas, and to stimulate your creativity. Use labradorite to create a zone of protection and safety. And use it to enhance your own “downloads” in meditation.

Lastly, it is useful to bring harmony in any situation. You can place a larger stone or a pyramid in the workplace or home to soothe personalities or discord.

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